About Adrienne

© Sara Beckman Photography

Adrienne Peters’ zest for dance began at the young age of 3 when she was mystified by her uncle’s Middle Eastern music and his Gypsy Caravan Belly Dance world. She first explored Ballet, Jazz and Tap, but found her free spirit to be confined in the realm of traditional dance. Still searching for the gypsy magic that captivated her from a young age, she explored African Dance, Hip Hop, Latin Dance and Musical Theater. After attending Los Angeles County High School of the Arts, Adrienne went on to study Belly Dance, Samba, Afro Brazilian, Dance Improvisation, Contact Dance, Release Technique, Somatics and anything else she could move her body to. She fell in love with Belly Dance and performed professionally for over 10 years. She also worked with Youth in Arts and Young Imaginations, teaching Creative Movement, Dance Theater and Dance Improvisation to youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She graduated from New College of California with a degree in Arts & Social Change. After years of teaching studio classes and dance in schools, Adrienne was asked to teach a Belly Dance Class at a Fitness Center. It was during this time that she discovered her love of body mechanics. She went on to become a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher and Zumba instructor. Adrienne has a unique talent of fusing yoga, dance and fitness in a fun and innovative way. Her classes are inviting and invigorating, infusing the participants with her passion for movement and expression! When Adrienne is not moving and dancing she is writing songs and singing in her band.