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Adrienne is amazing, mastering all the workouts that will make you look long, lean and feeling confident. Whether it’s Barre, Yoga or Belly dance you cannot ever go wrong.
Forever  5 stars!!! 

Adrienne is one of the most gifted, intuitive, knowledgeable, graceful and challenging yoga guides that I have had the privilege of practicing with. Her classes permeate with compassion, as well as intensity (especially for those who want to challenge themselves), and I look forward to them as one of the highlights of my week. She is attentive to her students and tailors her instruction to fit the unique needs of every yogi in the class (even when the room is packed). Her background in dance, music, personal training and martial arts influence her flow – and the lessons in grace and power I have learned from her has helped me become a better athlete outside of the studio.As a budding yogi, Adrienne has helped my practice and passion for yoga blossom, as well as provided me the momentum to make positive changes in my spirituality and psyche – and for that, I can not thank her enough. I highly recommend you give her classes a try and find out for yourself what a gem of a person and teacher she is.
Elmo Agatep, MD

Adrienne Peters has been my primary yoga instructor for over a year.  During classes, she continuously assesses her students practice levels, providing several pose options – from basic to advanced. Her style is graceful and her cues are precise and easy to follow.  I appreciate Adrienne’s care and thoughtfulness in making sure her students get in and out of poses correctly and safely.  Adrienne’s classes are always diverse and transforming.  She is truly a gifted teacher and a very skilled yoga practitioner!!!
– Barbara

I have been practicing yoga with Adrienne Peters for the last year, and recently completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training, of which Adrienne was one of the lead teachers. From the first class I took with Adrienne, it was clear that she possessed a knowledge of anatomy, as well as an understanding of yoga that encompassed correct techniques, which allowed her to help her students practice mindfully, deepen their understanding of yoga, and protect themselves from injury. As I have continued to practice with her I have also seen the art she brings to her yoga classes, particularly in her sequencing; she always brings me to my edge, and I leave class knowing I have worked, yet rather than feeling exhausted I feel recharged, renewed and energized. The scope of her work experience is staggering for one so young; from dance to yoga to work within the community and business world, and I think it has made her a really well-rounded person. She brings so much more than her knowledge and experience to her classes, sharing her brightness, her warm personality. Practicing with her and learning from her in my teacher training has truly enriched my yoga practice and my life, I can not recommend her enough!
– Karen

I was fortunate enough to have been trained to belly dance by Adrienne Peters. I attended her group class and appeared to be a lost cause. I had zero prior dance experience and looked like a deer in headlights. Before I had attended I had already decided I wanted to learn how to belly dance for my Quest Senior Project at Millikan High School because of how unique, beautiful, and different it was to me. For this project I was required to find a mentor. After my train wreck of a first lesson, I reluctantly asked Adrienne if she would be my mentor and she readily agreed with a smile. As my training went on I grew more and more impressed with not only her natural fluidity and talent, but her beautiful ability to teach. With no years of dance under my belt I was beginning to be able to keep up with the class simply because of her pointers and information she would give me after class. Her cues were easy to pick up on and her constant patience and encouragement kept me calm throughout my challenge. Adrienne was more than happy to communicate with me via email and text as well to help me out in any way I needed. She would send me dance videos and answer all of my questions as well as work with my schedule to do some private lessons. As the privates continued, we began choreography for my final product. I cannot express how naturally genius Adrienne is with choreography. Her ideas just flowed. She really worked with me and my skill level as well as my limited time and would put in extra time after our scheduled private to finish things up. She volunteered to perform alongside me for numerous privates as well as perform for a video for my reference. As my performance came up she taught me to use a veil. That was the most difficult part of this entire experience and Adrienne somehow made it work. She simplified the choreography while keeping it visually appealing and really facilitated my success. My perform ran so smoothly and I owe 100% of my success to her. Teaching an inexperienced teenager to belly dance over the course of four months is quite a challenge, but she did an incredible job. I definitely could not have asked for a better experience. Adrienne made me look forward to every class and kept me on track. I can honestly say that she is the best teacher I have ever had. Thank you so much for such an incredible experience, Adrienne. I am definitely not done with belly dancing!
– Kyra